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Diabetes and the Family at Saban

Preventative Care

May 10, 2021

More stress? More comfort food? Less Exercise? How Families Can Manage & Prevent Diabetes – Join Our Free Virtual Program

Saban Community Clinic has been supporting the Los Angeles community for more than 53 years and has played a key role in successfully helping patients to prevent and manage their diabetes.

Fun for the Entire Family!

Who said Diabetes Management can’t be fun and a family activity? During this challenging time, we know that everything has become more difficult so we want to make it easy for our patients. Saban has created a virtual diabetes program for the entire family. Sonia Medina, Promotora at Saban Community Clinics is excited to bring Diabetes and The Family to Saban as this program, “highlights family unity and is for family members of all ages to enjoy building a healthy lifestyle together.”

Tell Me More About the Program?

This special program will provide fun and engaging tools for diabetes management and prevention using the curriculum from Diabetes and The Family and is proven to be effective for families that are at particularly higher risk for diabetes. The five informational sessions will include nutrition, goal setting, the importance of mental health, and working together as a family, unit led by Saban health providers and staff. The final session will conclude with a graduation where prizes will be awarded to families for participation and completing special projects.

Did You Know? 

A majority of California adults have prediabetes or diabetes. Many young-adult (minority groups), statistically had higher prediabetes rates (2016, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research study). Director of Pediatrics, Dr. Yanina Queen, has seen how diabetes affects thousands of adults daily, causing debilitating complications, “It is our job as Doctors, Parents, and Caretakers to prevent this illness from affecting our loved ones, especially our children. In many cases, diabetes can be prevented by healthy lifestyles: activities, sports, fresh balanced foods, and moderation.  Our curriculum aims to help our Saban families to make sure their children grow up to become healthy adults for generations to come.”


For more information on the program at Saban or register your family for upcoming events, contact Sonia Medina, Promotora/Community Outreach Specialist, | (323) 297-1329

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