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Our Leadership

Meet Saban Community Clinic’s team of dedicated change-makers united by our mission.

Our team

Executive leadership

Muriel Nouwezem

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Armen Arshakyan

Chief Medical Officer

Jackie Provost

Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin Wong

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Adam Friedman

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Van Anh Dastur

Chief Dental Officer

Chantal Washington

Chief HR Officer

Board of Directors

Saban Community Clinic began as The Los Angeles Free Clinic in 1967, grounded in the fundamental belief that healthcare is a human right—not a privilege. Today, the Saban Community Clinic Board of Directors upholds that belief by leading with our mission: to provide outstanding, compassionate care to anyone who needs it. We are grateful for these dedicated individuals who generously contribute their time and expertise to help us realize our vision; to achieve health equity and transform lives in Los Angeles.


  • Mitchell R. Pindus
  • Celia Brugman
    Vice Chair
  • Clare Driscoll
  • Rolando J. Gomez


  • Dante Alencastre
  • Antonio Becerra
  • Jesse Bronner
  • Carol W. Buitrago
  • Joanne Dietch
  • Lynn Franzoi
  • Peggy B. Miles
  • Ingrid Palmer
  • Luis Pardo
  • Karen Sanchez
  • Judd Zinberg

Former Board Members

We deeply appreciate the leadership of SCC’s former Governing Board members. Below are those who previously served on the Saban Community Clinic Board of Directors since 2012, when we received our designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center.

*Denotes former board president or chair.

  • Alex De Ocampo
  • Ana Marlene Perez
  • Angela Jones
  • Bob Broder*
  • Cam Montgomery, Jr.
  • Daniele Beasley
  • David E. Ryu
  • Dr. Stanley M. Toy, Jr.*
  • Eric Jung
  • Jeffrey Phillip Saw
  • Laura Hartigan
  • Lisa Gritzner*
  • Martha Bernadett
  • Michael McBride
  • Michael Ziering
  • Minerva Lopez
  • Neil E. Romanoff
  • Noemi Portillo
  • Paul Hernandez
  • Richard K. Rifenbark
  • Russel Alexander-Orozco*
  • Sarah C. Poindexter
  • Steve Klimback
  • Tanya Saban

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